Complaints from the Bangkok Chicken are known to be untrue one of the most powerful fighting chickens and include being too lethal for combat opponents in combat. Sure, the whole chicken fights bobotoh, they too want a good chicken fight, can be used as a chicken champion. In addition to hot chickens, other chickens must have a higher quality than other chickens. So the right choice is Bangkok Chicken, which is undoubtedly reiterated about its advantages. The quality of this chicken has not changed from the past to the present.

How to protect the male, because it can be too long, that is because the roosters remain in the early stages. From as long as it starts to grow, this is judi online terlengkap the chicken part of the complaint. Usually at the same time, if your penis is five months or more, the cock will start to freeze. So since then, you can just skip the outer layers that start to stand out. Or commonly called jelly jelly, the best time to grow or lengthen a male is in your rooster contest. So the pass option is Bangkok chicken which is no doubt reiterated about its advantages. The quality of chicken has not changed from now until now.

In fact, along with this move, many already know, especially bobotoh from cockfights, they always take advantage of garlic as a grower. After leaving the outer layer, you have completed the method. So, for the next level, you can often put on the garlic directly, which is a hammer on the cocks. Then, you can sometimes spruce up your fighter’s chin along with cooking oil, so your chicken fights will be so much better. Or what’s often referred to as a corn rooster and that’s the best time to grow or lengthen a rooster on your fighting chickens.

Basically it includes having three layers, you must be aware that three layers, not really the only one is the white outer layer. The middle layer is yellow and the last layer is dark yellow. To cause your fighting chickens to grow faster, you can clean the outer layer regularly. Use a glass or knife and try to clean only the white. So that the growth of your hammer chicken is faster, then you yourself can clean the outer layer of the hammer on a regular basis. And take advantage of a piece of glass or a knife, and try to clean the layer just white.

By taking advantage of Wuluh star fruit, it can cause a hammer in a long fried chicken. This method is too simple, just use this wuluh for your chicken farming. Of course, you must use starfruit as a medicine to expand your cock. When you apply the bush to your turkey. You can wait for your warrior chicken to respond to the hammer. It didn’t take long, the chicken was too long and too deadly.

The last step if you are protecting male extension is to make it look harder. There are many advantages to fighting chickens. In addition to being difficult to relax, difficult times will be easier to manage. To perform this, from the step it hardens, just enough to punch saffron turmeric. Then place on your chicken hammer and hammer and wrap it in cloth. Enjoy long male results along with turmeric. In addition, it is not easy to break, hard males will be more easily set.

For that from the hammer hardening method is just enough to punch a few cloves of turmeric. And after that put on your chicken hammer and immediately wrap it together with a tight, tight cloth. And please enjoy the long male results along with just turmeric. Here are the steps to growing a hammer on your long and deadly fighting chicken. The longer your chicken fights, the more deadly and exciting it will be compared along with its competitors. For this reason, you must be aware that you can increase the length of chicken pox as described above, which remains too short.