The retirement of several senior players and regeneration are obstacles

Portugal (European Cup 2016 winners), Germany (2014 World Cup winners) and France (2018 World Cup winners) are in the same group in Group F.

It feels like they will not give in to each other so a situs judi bola online fierce match will definitely be presented and it is not impossible that one of them will fall in the group phase.

Why They Can One Group?
The answer is simple, the three teams are in different pots when the draw is underway.

Germany is in pot 1, France is in pot 2, and Portugal is in pot 3, so the three teams can meet in one group, the determination of the pot is based on performance in the qualifying round.

Seeing the performance of the three countries in qualifying and friendly matches, France was superior and Germany after becoming the 2014 World Cup champions, their performances were less convincing.

The retirement of several senior players and regeneration are obstacles for Germany, while Portugal is used to being dramatic in important qualifying matches and finals.

If you want to qualify, Germany, France and Portugal must beat each other, maybe Group F will be very exciting and will bring surprises.

Moreover, there are still Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, or Hungary who will enter this hell group.

True football connoisseurs must be waiting for the action of the three champions in this hellish group, but know that the European Cup always brings unexpected surprises.

In 2004 who would have thought that Greece would be the champion after beating Portugal with its Luis Figo.

In 2008 and 2012, Spain set records as the first team to successfully defend the European Cup trophy and 2016 in France.

Portugal became champions after only occupying the best third position in the group stage.

However, it is also possible that Portugal at Euro 2020 tomorrow could look as bad as Greece in 2008

At that time, as defending champions Greece failed to win a single victory in the group stage and finished as the worst team.

And it’s also possible that France will repeat its success by winning the European Cup after winning the world cup as they did in 1998 and 2000.

What is certain is that the debutant team and the champions at the 2020 European Cup tomorrow can only be enjoyed after the competition officially rolls over in this very special edition of the European Cup.

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the competition, this edition of the European Cup was held in 12 cities and in 12 hosting countries, in this special edition football fans hope for a special surprise.

What will Euro 2020 be like?
Let’s just wait for the dish and we’ll enjoy it together with the drama that will be presented, Greetings from the Official European Cup