The fate of the debutant team and the reigning champions at the 2020 European Cup

Last Friday, November 22, UEFA has drawn a playoff round to determine the 4 teams that are entitled to get the remaining tickets to the 2020 European Cup.

You know, different from the previous edition of the European Cup, this time 16 teams will compete for the playoffs, the playoffs will take place judi bola terpercaya in mid-March next year.

In contrast to the previous edition of the European Cup, teams that qualify for the playoffs are no longer determined by the best 3rd place in the qualifying round.

However, the determination of the 16 teams was based on the results of the 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League.

So, yesterday’s European Cup qualification was purely to determine the 2 teams in each group that would automatically qualify for the 2020 European Cup finals.

If you are observant, actually the European Cup qualifiers have started since the UEFA Nations League took place, not when the official qualifiers were rolling, an interesting system, isn’t it?

The 16 teams are divided into four lanes for the playoffs or eight semifinal matches in each group.

For those who don’t understand the European Cup Official Bandar will explain, the UEFA Nations League is divided into 4 leagues, League A, B, C, and D

The division of participants for each league is determined by their country’s ranking in the FIFA rankings, each top-ranked occupant in the Nations League group stage will get a ticket to the 2020 European Cup playoffs.

So group A will be inhabited by teams from Nations League A who have not yet qualified for the qualifying round, and so on so that Group D draws them.

Group D is inhabited by countries that have never appeared at the European Cup finals.