Slot Jackpot Online

Already many are looking for the popular progressive jackpot touting the slogan “Everyone shares the Jackpot!” Of course, most of us are one of the progressive jackpot fans and enjoy the idea of ​​everyone contributing to the jackpot to win even more wins earned, but when we finally get the life -changing jackpot, we’re not so excited to share it with someone on the other side world, are we? Although, this is what makes the Everyone jackpot so unique in the progressive jackpot slot world it rewards everyone in the 918kiss game in spite of the big prizes to be won. Fortunately, that’s not the only feature that distinguishes this special slot.

About Everyone’s Jackpot Slots
The game has been set up which is called a more interesting gamehow, with funky 3D graphics and dynamic female leading players through the game. By using much smaller reels than you’ll find in most slots in social sites, Playtech is able to build a larger than life environment to surround it. There are only three reels in all, which makes a nine -square grid with eight paylines in the game. As a result, the game is fast, clean and easy.

Features, Specials and Symbols
Players can win in just the conventional way, by combining great victory symbols on the grid. While playing, Wild can only occur on the center line during free play and is a substitute for any symbol in the win line. can occur at any position on the roll. Features Free Spins when three or more Scatters appear in one spin. Each free split feature consists of 12 free rounds with a wild bonus in the center of the grid, and can be withdrawn by landing three or more Scatters at each point during play.

Challenges In Progressive Jackpot
The real challenge in this slot game is of course, the progressive jackpot. Currently standing at over 220,000 at VVIP96 Casino , the progressive jackpot is a bit of a mystery. In the game there is also no bonus game that will lead to the main prize, which means that the jackpot is only given easily. One thing that can be practiced about this gift however is the way it is called dished out.
Online Jackot Percentage
Instead of giving the entire jackpot to a single player, each person’s jackpot is only an impressive 70% to the winners. What about the remaining 30% you asked for? 15% is shared equally among all eligible players in the game and the other 15% is awarded between creatively identical players with how many were found in the previous 24 hours. This means you can still win the jackpot portion even if you are not playing. Everyone’s jackpot is unique in the sense that it not only ensures that all players get a share of the action when a player is lucky, it also rewards its most loyal fans who enjoy online jackpots.