Mega888 Jackpot

Progressive slot online slot games are where the jackpot amount continues to increase with each bet. this happens until the jackpot is hit. then the jackpot is reset to the base level and starts growing again. Progressive jackpot online slot games are very popular because they offer higher payouts than regular slot games. however, there are many different types of progressive jackpot online slots and new players should be aware of the different features of each type.

Progressive Jackpot
The most common types of progressive jackpot slot games are those in which five like symbols have to appear on an active payline in order for the jackpot to be hit. Usually the symbol that triggers the jackpot is a wild symbol on another symbol that is well known for its theme. in the most progressive jackpots of this type there are certain additional conditions that need to be met. The symbols must appear in the last payline, which means the player must bet with all paylines activated. also the player must bet the maximum number of coins per payline. If a player is trying to win a large payout, he must make a large investment. One example of such a progressive jackpot mega888 online slot is Life Beach from Playtech.

In some progressive jackpots players of this type are given a partial benefit for betting less than the maximum amount of coins per payline Three progressive jackpot online slots from Vegas Technology, such as Red White and Win, are examples. The maximum number of coins that can be collected per payline is three, and in this case the player gets 100% of the jackpot amount when the jackpot is hit. However, players who bet one or two coins per belly get a smaller percentage of the jackpot amount.

This type of progressive jackpot is a randomly triggered progressive jackpot. This does not require any set of symbols to appear on any payline on the reels. It can be hit after any spin and that is why it is called a random jackpot. Players also do not have to cash out the maximum amount possible for the jackpot to be hit. It can be hit with the minimum amount wagered as well. However, the chances of a random progressive jackpot will increase with the amount filled per spin. Real Series slot games from Realtime Gaming and Marvel Comics super hero slots from Cryptologic have randomly hit progressive jackpots.

The current trend in randomly triggered progressive jackpots is to offer tiered jackpots. There is more than one free jackpot in slot games that offer payouts of different amounts. Mega Moolah from Microgaming has four progressive jackpot levels. The Mini Jackpot pays about $ 10 and hits several times an hour. The Minor Jackpot pays about $ 100 and hits every few hours. The Major Jackpot pays about $ 10,000 and hits every few days. The Mega Jackpot pays over $ 1 million and hits every six months on average. The hit jackpot level is immediately reset to its base level while other levels continue to grow from their current value.

New players also need to understand the concept of a progressive jackpot network. Different slot games are connected to the same progressive jackpot. Wagers placed in any slot game increase the jackpot amount. When the required conditions are met in any slot game the jackpot is hit and reset to the base value for all slot games. The WagerWorks MegaJackpots network featuring Monopoly, Cluedo and Cleopatra slot games is an example.