In a joker123 site you will of course find 2 main games on this site that are equally popular.

Both games are online slot machine games and online fish shooting games.

And what we will discuss at this time is about the online fish shooting game.

Fish shooting game online is a game that is quite famous and popular.

This game is no less popular than slot joker88 machine games where this slot machine game is also part of the joker123 site.

What we will discuss together at this time is about the introduction of the fish shooting game on the joker123 site.

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So for that let’s just go straight to the introduction of this one fish shooting game.

This fish shooting game is a game that is pretty much loved by fun game gamblers.

One country that has quite a lot of fans of this fish shooting game is Indonesia.

In Indonesia itself, this game is one of the fun gambling games that are very popular, because the way to play is easy and fun to play.

This fish shooting game is one of the fun gambling games that is believed to be fun games that are taken from traditional games.

Gambling fun games is a game that was originally a traditional game in an area in Indonesia.

It is said that this game was originally a game that was played in quite the same way, namely hunting fish.

The participants of this fishing game must catch fish with their bare hands and without any help from tools.

The players or participants have to compete to get the biggest fish.

And the player who manages to get the biggest fish with his bare hands will be the winner.

According to many people, this game was made by several students who were watching the game.

The students who watched the game finally made a fish shooting game machine because the participants didn’t have to get dirty again in playing this game.

Because in addition to this game being played using bare hands, this game is also played in a mud pool.

That’s why this machine was created to help players play comfortably and safely.

And this game is no less exciting than the original game, because in this game there will be 5 to 7 other people who will play with you.

So you can play this game with a crowd, and enjoy the excitement of this game together.

The way to play this fish shooting game is very easy to do and play, even if the player is a novice player.

So to play this game what you need is instinct to play.

There will be targets and weapons that will be used by the players who play later.

The weapon is a tool that will be used to shoot passing fish.

So all you have to do in this game is shoot as many fish as possible to collect the highest score.

The more scores you collect, the more prizes you will get.

And in shooting fish, you have to take into account the bullets that come out and are wasted, because if your bullets run out, then you have to spend your balance again to buy these bullets.

In playing this fish shooting game, there are several types of weapons that you can use to hunt fish in this game.

And here are the types of weapons that can be used in this game.

This weapon is a basic weapon, generally this weapon is used to hunt small fish where the Odds multiplication is 2 to 6.

This is a type 2 weapon, this weapon has the fastest ability to kill fish.

And this one weapon is a good weapon to use to kill big fish and Jackpot fish in the form of the Golden Dragon.

This is the last type of weapon, the advantage of this weapon is that it can lock the target of the game we want.

So the players who play do not have to direct the weapon used to the fish anymore.

This weapon will automatically aim at the fish we are aiming for.

And that’s the 3 types of weapons that can be used in hunting fish in this fish shooting game.

So in playing, you only need to hunt fish that you think can be easy targets and add your points.