Explanation of Menu / Buttons In Sportsbook online

The next stage you can see the red box that we have marked in the upper left image, there are several menus that you may not have known all this time.

The following is an explanation of some of the menus that situs bola resmi have been marked with a red box by us:

In this menu you can see how many bets you have placed, for that for those of you who are confused about placing bets for the team that is playing, please click on the my bet menu.

For one menu, you can see the history data of your completed partner, to find out whether the pair you bet won or lost.

In addition, in this menu you can see the history of transactions that have passed up to one week ago.

Balance is a place where you can calculate the number of your losses or the number of wins you have played since the first time you joined and played in SBOBET.

For this one menu, you can see incident reports that allow online soccer bookies to cancel your current partner or bet.

Because maybe in the match you installed there could be problems with bad weather conditions, or even riots on the field, so all reports will be notified through this menu.

Types of online bets that can be played

For the third sign with a brown box, there are several types of products offered.
Here’s a little explanation of the menu that we have given the initial appearance:

Is the front page menu from the initial view

Here you can find various kinds of sports games that have been provided by the city, ranging from ball, basketball, golf, ice hockey, and many others.

is a menu where you can see the party from the match that is currently playing or directly live.